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 Written by: Kimberley Young Posted on 20 August 2018


CMIG Aviation Capital, an aircraft leasing company wholly owned by China Minsheng Investment Group has delivered a Boeing 737 MAX 8 to be operated by Lion Air, part of a multiple aircraft transactions.

Lion Air Group has an in-service fleet of 299 aircraft and operates from bases in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia under five brand names. The airline says the addition of 737 MAX 8 aligns with Lion Air Group’s growth strategy and offers enhanced fuel efficiency.

“We are delighted to have CMIG as a lessor to the Lion Group and we look forward to expanding and strengthening this business partnership,” said Edward Sirait, Lion Air Group CEO. “As the largest domestic operator in Indonesia, safety and reliability are our top priorities. The 737 MAX has built upon our current 737’s industry-leading reliability and is providing us with the highest level of air safety for our passengers.”

Wang Rong, chairwoman, and president of CMIG Leasing Group, Peter Gao Sixiang, president and CEO of CMIG Aviation Capital, Jeremy Griffin, president of Boeing Global Leasing, Adam Weng, sales director of Boeing Northeast Asia marketing attended the delivery ceremony.

Peter Gao Sixiang, the chief executive officer of CMIG Aviation Capital said the company is excited to be supporting Lion Air, adding: “With this lease transaction with Lion Group, CMIG is providing an exemplary solution that’s an embodiment of a clear commercial rationale, strong regional impact, and broad beneficial scope.”

Image: Chairwoman and president CMIG Leasing Group Wang Rong, and president of Boeing Global Leasing Jeremy Griffin.

Written by: Kimberley Young

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